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Elite Basketball Coaching in Northern Utah

Comp Teams for Boys & Girls 3rd-12th Grade
Private Coaching Camps Tournaments

BBA Sportplex

BBA Sportsplex
Built in 2022, the BBA Sportsplex has one fullsize NBA basketball court and 3 high school courts.

Coaching Packages

Rookie Package

  • Weekly Skills Coaching
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Starter Package

  • Weekly Team Practice
  • Weekly Skills Coaching
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All-Star Package

  • Official BBA Uniform
  • Fall/Winter/Spring Session Games
  • Weekly Team Practice
  • Nike Backpack
  • Weekly Skills Coaching
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  • Weekly Skills Coaching: Players start with the basics of ball-handling and progress quickly to advanced level footwork. Fridays @ 6pm
  • Nike Backpack: High-end BBA Branded Nike Backpack
  • Weekly Team Practice: Players scrimmage together with other athletes of equal abilities
  • Weekly Comp League Games: BBA Teams compete against teams from other locations across Northern Utah.
  • Official BBA Uniform: Official Team Uniform of BBA

Success Stories

Shellie Boyle Testimony
Finding Mark for skills training has been a game changer in both of my boys confidence and ability level. Some of the things we love the most is the way he can relate to the kids, find their strengths and make them better and find their weaknesses and completely turn them around. He has patience and willing to let the boys make mistakes so that they can grow and learn. His knowledge of the game is unlike any other coach we’ve had as well as his ability to teach and inspire. Beyond basketball, he teaches life lessons about how to treat others, put your studies first, and serve your community. When you are a part of BBA, you are truly a part of a team not individual All-Stars. I love that there’s room for everyone to grow and develop. Every coach there truly wants the best for every kid. – Shellie Boyle
Mitzi Torgersen's Testimony
There’s basketball and then there’s BBA basketball. We couldn’t be more grateful to find this program (and especially coaches) that have taken my son to a whole new level of basketball, it’s been so fun to watch. Mark, and the other coaches, have supported him on and off the court and pushed him just the right amount where he has grown and developed a confidence we’ve been looking for for years. One practice coach Mark stopped everything right in the middle of a drill and showed the boys the value of encouraging and supporting one another and he literally showed them what that looks like as a teammate and my mama heart wanted to burst. Priceless life lessons right there. We’ll always be grateful to be a part of the BBA family. – Mitzi Torgersen

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